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6 Non-Candy Preschool Valentine’s Ideas

6 Non-Candy Preschool Valentine's Ideas

Do you want to make Valentine’s Day special for your little ones but dread the sugar high with all those candy Valentines? Have no fear! These Valentines will surely be a hit for kids and parents, from sensory bin fillers to printable activities. So get ready to spread Valentine’s Day cheer without all the sugar this year! This list of 6 non-candy preschool Valentine’s ideas is here to save the day.

Pencils with a "You're the Sharpest" Topper

Non-candy valentines are a great way to give an extra special gift to your friends and family. Pencils with a “You’re the Sharpest” topper are a simple yet memorable and meaningful Valentine’s Day present. Even kids in preschool can be the ones giving these unique gifts! Whether you want something that classmates can use repeatedly or offer as an individual keepsake, pencils with this creative topper are an excellent addition to Valentine’s Day festivities.

Crayons with a "You Color My World" Topper

Every preschool class needs a Valentine’s Day gift that is non-candy and can keep little hands occupied all day! Let them color their world with crayons topped with “You Color My World” With this Valentine’s gift, preschoolers will use their imaginations to create art and bridge the gap of communication between each other. Give them sturdy crayons for their preschool projects and add the loving touch of “You Color My World” toppers. It’s sure to turn any preschooler into a Picasso overnight!

Play-Doh with a "You Molded Me into the Awesome Person I Am Today" Topper

Give the Teacher in your life a special Valentine’s Day gift this year with Play-Doh and a “You Molded Me into the Awesome Person I Am Today” topper. This simple yet creative gift symbolizes how teachers influence us through their nurturing guidance, helping us grow by learning, developing essential skills, and building confidence. Let them know you appreciate all they do with this fun and thoughtful gift idea! Perfect for any occasion, from Teacher Appreciation Week to end-of-the-year celebrations, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. So why not show them your appreciation with this unique Teacher Valentine gift?

Bubbles with a "You Make My Heart Pop" Topper

Give your valentine a special surprise they can enjoy all year long with bubbles featuring a “You Make My Heart Pop” topper! The bright bubbles come in three vivid colors, adding festive fun. No matter who you send these magical bubbles to, they’ll surely appreciate this thoughtfully unexpected small gesture – and an all-year-round reminder of how much you love them! This perfect non-candy valentine’s day treat will make your valentine smile and will be the perfect reminder of how much you care whenever they need it.

A Plantable flower with a "Thanks for Helping Me Grow" Topper

What better way to celebrate your unconditional love for someone than with a non-candy gift that will grow and remind them of you forever? This plantable flower comes with an “I Will Love You Forever and Always” topper, making it the perfect heartfelt present. The unique twist on a classic rose is sure to stand out, as it blooms over time and brings joy to the recipient every time they look at it. Whether given as an anniversary, birthday, or wedding gift, this non-candy token of affection will make your special someone smile!

A Rock Painting Kit with a "You rock my world" Topper

A preschool Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just bags of candy; it can be a creative and fun experience! A “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Rock Painting Kit makes a unique non-candy valentine for preschool. Each kit is perfect for imaginative kids, with rocks, paint, and instructions to create nature-inspired art pieces. Best of all, the finished masterpiece can be kept or given away as a special gift! This unique preschool valentine is sure to bring joy and put smiles on faces all around.

In conclusion, handcrafted gifts are an effortless and cost-effective way to show your love this Valentine’s Day. From pencils with “You’re the Sharpest” topping, to crayons with a “You Color My World” message, and Play-Doh with “You Molded Me into the Awesome Person I Am Today,” some of these handcrafted gifts embrace the joys of parenting. The Plantable Heart’s “I Will Love You Forever and Always” Topper will bring a smile to any receiver’s face. At the same time, the Rock Painting Kit provides a perfect opportunity to express gratitude for those special people in our lives. We hope we have given some insight into how best to surprise your loved ones this Valentine’s Day! If you need additional parenting advice during this holiday season, follow Ask Nurse Drea for guidance.

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