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Back-to-school checklist for High School Students:

Back-to-school checklist for High School students:

Academic Supplies:

 Notebooks or binders for each subject
 Pens, pencils, highlighters, and erasers
 A graphing calculator (if required for math or science classes)
 Ruler, protractor, and compass (for math and technical subjects)
 Scientific calculator (if needed for science classes)
 USB flash drives or external hard drives for digital storage
 Sticky notes and index cards for study aids
 Planner or agenda to keep track of assignments and deadlines

Technology and Electronics:
 Laptop or tablet for note-taking and schoolwork
 Headphones or earbuds for multimedia use and quiet study
 Chargers and power banks for devices
 Backpack or laptop bag with padded compartments for device protection

Textbooks and Reading Materials:
 Required textbooks or e-books for each course
 Reading list books or novels (if applicable)
 Book covers or protective sleeves to preserve textbooks

Writing and Creative Expression:
 Art supplies (for art classes or personal projects)
 Graph paper, drafting tools, and sketchbooks (for technical drawing or design classes)
 Creative writing materials (if interested in writing clubs or activities)

Clothing and Accessories:
 School uniforms (if required)
 Casual and comfortable clothes for regular days
 Gym clothes and athletic shoes for physical education classes
 Weather-appropriate outerwear (jackets, raincoats, etc.)
 School-appropriate shoes (sneakers, dress shoes, etc.)

Organization and Study Tools:
 Desk organizer or caddy for keeping supplies tidy
 Backpack with multiple compartments for organization
 Folders or dividers for keeping papers organized by subject
 Combination lock or key lock (if lockers are available)
 Wall calendar or dry-erase board for long-term planning
 Wall clock or desk clock for managing time

Personal Hygiene and Health:
 Hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
 Travel-size hand sanitizer for on-the-go use
 Reusable water bottle for staying hydrated throughout the day
 Any necessary medications and medical information for the school nurse
 Healthy snacks for in-between classes or after-school activities

Extracurricular Activities:
 Equipment or gear for sports or club activities
 Musical instruments (if involved in the school band or orchestra)
 Dancewear or athletic wear (for dance or sports teams)
 Materials for hobby clubs (e.g., photography club, robotics club)

 Student ID card or school identification documents
 Public transportation pass or fare cards (if applicable)
 Spare change for vending machines or emergencies
 Emergency contact information for parents/guardians

It’s important to note that the specific requirements for high school may vary based on the school’s policies, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. Be sure to check with the school or teachers for any additional items or recommendations specific to your high school.

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