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Kindergarten back-to-school checklist with a shopping list included:

Kindergarten back-to-school checklist with a shopping list included:

Back-to-School Shopping List:

1. School Supplies: 
 Backpack
 Lunch box or bag
 Crayons (24-pack or as per school requirements)
 Washable markers
 Safety scissors (blunt tip for young children)
 Glue sticks
 Pencils (beginner pencils or jumbo pencils)
 Erasers
 Pencil case or box
 Watercolor paints (non-toxic)
 Paintbrushes
 Construction paper (assorted colors)
 Drawing paper

2. Writing and Drawing Tools:
 Jumbo pencils with grips (easier for little hands)
 Pencil sharpener (with safety features)
 Begin writing a paper with dashed lines for practice.
 Dry-erase board and markers (for at-home practice)

3. Art Supplies:
 Playdough (non-toxic)
 Safety scissors (with rounded edges)
 Craft supplies (pipe cleaners, googly eyes, etc.)

4. Organization and Storage:
 School bag or backpack with comfortable straps
 Folder with pockets for storing papers.
 Plastic storage boxes for art supplies at home

5. Clothing and Accessories:
 Comfortable clothing suitable for active play
 Indoor shoes or slippers (if required by the school)
 Weather-appropriate outerwear (jackets, raincoats, etc.)
 School-appropriate shoes (closed-toe, comfortable)

6. Personal Hygiene and Health:
 Travel-size hand sanitizer
 Tissues
 Reusable water bottle
 Any necessary medications and medical information for the school nurse
 Healthy snacks for lunch or after school

7. Miscellaneous:
 Student ID card or school identification documents
 Spare change for any special events or emergencies
 Family photo in the backpack for comfort

Back-to-School Checklist:

1. Purchase a backpack that is lightweight and fits your kindergartener comfortably.
2. Buy a lunch box or bag that is easy for your child to open and close independently.
3. Stock up on crayons, washable markers, and safety scissors for art and creative activities.
4. Include glue sticks, beginner pencils, and erasers for classroom use.
5. Provide a pencil case or box to keep all the school supplies organized.
6. Add watercolor paints and paintbrushes to explore creativity at home.
7. Purchase construction paper and drawing paper for art projects and practice.
8. Get jumbo pencils with grips to aid in proper writing form for beginners.
9. Don’t forget a pencil sharpener with safety features for young children.
10. Consider getting a dry-erase board and markers for at-home writing practice.
11. Prepare playdough and craft supplies for fun and imaginative play.
12. Organize your child’s school bag or backpack with folders for papers.
13. If required by the school, invest in indoor shoes or slippers for comfort.
14. Ensure your child has weather-appropriate outerwear and comfortable shoes.
15. Pack travel-size hand sanitizer, tissues, and a reusable water bottle in the bag.
16. Inform the school nurse about any necessary medications and provide the needed information.
17. Add healthy snacks to your grocery list for your child’s lunch or after-school treat.
18. Organize important documents like student ID cards and emergency contact information.
19. Keep some spare change in the backpack for any special events or emergencies.
20. Slip a family photo into your child’s backpack to provide comfort during the school day.

Remember to check with your child’s kindergarten or school for any specific requirements or recommendations before shopping. This checklist should help ensure that your kindergarten student is well-prepared for a successful and enjoyable start to their educational journey.

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